Decluttered: Mindful Organizing for 
Health, Home, and Beyond

Decluttered: Mindful Organizing for 
Health, Home, and Beyond

Do you find yourself constantly rearranging your pantry containers yet still not feeling 'organized enough'?

Are you trying to keep your work documents in order, only to have other tasks demand  your attention?

And do you long for a clutter-free home, free from unwanted items “gifted” to you from other people?

Come meet Jenny Albertini in conversation with Wilmington's Kim Mazewski of "Consciously Cleared & Contained".

Sunday June 9th, 1pm 


Huxley and Hiro Bookstore

419 N. Market St

Wilmington, DE

Jenny Albertini has been organizing health systems and closets around the world for more than two decades. At 36, she left a high-flying career in international health to train under Marie Kondo and become one of her first certified KonMari consultants, where she focused on finding joy within piles of clutter. While putting in thousands of hours of professional organizing Jenny has been featured on PBS, NBC, in the Washington Post, Apartment Therapy and many other media outlets. Recognized for her work fighting the AIDS epidemic while waging war on clutter, she has found a unique way to infuse public health into the professional organizing field. Now, nearly a decade into her career transition, Jenny’s first book guides readers through how decluttering mindfully can improve our well-being. She lives in Washington, DC.